Crispin Lane (BPC) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Westminster London SW1
Crispin Lane (BPC) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Westminster London SW1


The British Psychoanalytic Council

I am a registrant of the BPC, an organisation which seeks to promote the highest professional standards in psychotherapeutic practice, and am bound to adhere to its Ethical Code and to meet other requirements such as Continuing Professional Development i.e. a commitment to further training. Their website ( contains plenty of useful information and references, as well as an online register of accredited practitioners.

The British Psychotherapy Foundation

I am a Senior Member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation (formed in 2012 by the merger of three of the major training organisations, the British Association of Psychotherapy, the London Centre for Psychotharapy, and the Lincoln Clinic and Centre for Psychotherapy). My original training and qualification was with the Lincoln. ( )

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