Crispin Lane (BPC) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Westminster London SW1
Crispin Lane (BPC) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Westminster London SW1

About Me

About me

I have worked as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in a number of settings within the National Health Service and in universities. Until recently I was a clinician on the Fitzjohns Unit (a specialist unit for the treatment of severe, complex and enduring disorders) at the Tavistock Centre for many years. I have also been a Visiting Lecturer at the Tavistock, teaching and supervising psychotherapists in training. I am now a staff therapist at the Camden Psychotherapy Unit (, a charity offering free and low-cost therapy, as well as working in private practice. I am accredited as a training analyst by the Association of Child Psychotherapists as well as other training organisations such as the Tavistock, BPF, Birkbeck etc.


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